[extropy-chat] META: Anti-Bayesian spam

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Wed Dec 6 14:01:58 UTC 2006

Robert writes:

> Well, the following got through the gmail filters this morning.  I've
> converted it to text and removed the GIF attachment (which was
> presumably the real message).  Interesting how it seems to be
> generating relatively coherent text.  I wonder if they are picking out
> phrases from popular news items or simply generating semi-proper text
> using phrases that score low on Bayesian filtering methods.
> At any rate the battle continues...


I have occasionally checked out what my spam says, and I'm amazed. Sometimes I
wonder if the spammers are reading my email, or at least the subject lines. I find
keywords that are frequently used on my various email lists - and names, not
necessarily ordinary names like Jim or Bob.

It's rather uncanny and somewhat unsettling.  I am very greateful to have a filter!
And I'm becomming more impressed with it as time goes on.

No, I never ever look at any of the attachments! :)))


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