[extropy-chat] Bully Magnets

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Tue Dec 12 13:24:38 UTC 2006

I am still so upset and inflamed at The Avantguardian's post
that I must say more.

Stuart wrote

> [Lee wrote]
>> Why don't you and some of the
>> other idealists here go into the tough
>> parts of town and see how far you
>> get rendering niceties to the gangs
>> you encounter there?
> I have, Lee. I have gone into such neighborhoods many
> times in the past and I am sure I will again in the
> future. For her part, Samantha would probably fare
> much better than you in those parts of town too.

And you think it's acceptable that people "those parts
of town" can get away with beating up,  mugging and
robbing people?

> Your fear is so glaringly evident, its like a spiritual
> beacon for violence. You seem like a "bully-magnet".

It's not fear.  It's my utter contempt and hatred
of bullies that does it.  Yes, I was a "bully magnet",
as you put it, in school, and I suppose I still am.
Yes, I was afraid of them.  But I always stood my
ground, too, and I did get beat up a couple of times.

> If I can sense it over the Internet, you will look
> irresistable to the desperate souls in any "tough"
> neighborhood.  [DESPERATE SOULS, he
> calls them!!]

And that will be *my* fault, I suppose!

How in God's name can you blame the victims
the way you're doing?  I despair at the moral
cowardice of not standing up to bullies and

But I absolutely HATE those who in any way
defend the hoodlums and bullies because their
victims were "bully magnets" or were "asking
for it".

"Desperate souls", you call them.  Oh, the poor
things.  They drag people out of cars and beat
them to death, or merely rob them.  The poor
things!  And who's to really blame?  Let me
guess: our society that does not meet their

Oh, no.  I misspoke.  It's the people in the cars
who go into the wrong neighborhoods who are
to blame because they are "bully magnets".  In
like manner, the women who dress wrong are just
"asking for it", and deserve to be raped?  Just

This really pushes my buttons because I do very
much remember the way it was in high school,
and how my "friends" would blame *me* because
I got picked on.  

I now see what I should have done. I was pretty
strong myself, and I should have balled up my
fist and punched out my so-called friends.  Then
they'd  see that I was really one of the good guys,
one of the bullies who cannot be blamed.  I guess.

> Where you see "gangs", I see the poorly-armed but
> nonetheless ARMED "last hope of America".

Well---have you thought of sending in your 
contributions to some of the tougher gangs in
L.A.?  I'm sure that they would appreciate
the support. 

Oh---I forgot---you probably already support
the ACLU, and they surely lean over backwards
to make sure that inner city gangs are not overly
bothered by the police or anyone, and are 
probably working as hard as they can to see
that inner city criminals qualify for welfare programs.

These animals---and that is the mildest term I
have for them---these animals who thrive on
crime and a repudiation of everything that is
good or noble in our civilization   all deserve
to be rounded up and executed.

And those like you who fail to recognize evil
are in my eyes little short of evil themselves.


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