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Subject: Re: [extropy-chat] When Did (or Do) People Start Locking Doors?

>It will be interesting to see what happens as society transitions from the
physical reality to the virtual one...Robert

Robert may hijack that thought into another thread?  Thanks.

Grandmother-in-law is nearly 90, Alzheimers, confused much of the time,
definitely not enjoying life currently.  When the grandfather-in-law was in
this same situation a few years ago, I began thinking seriously about
virtual realities for the elderly.  Now perhaps some of you who are up to
speed on the latest technologies can clue me.

About five years ago I suggested a dome under which the patient would sit or
lie, or something between such as a dentist chair style semi-recliner.  LCD
and plasma screen technology would allow the necessary visual interface.
The Duke Nukem and Second Life sims convince me that the technology is now
sufficiently advanced to do this.

Could we have a Second-Life like character that is guided by the eyes for
left and right?  Do we have instruments that can watch the eyes?  The
forward and backward could be controlled by some means, such as forward if
the eyes are fixing on some distant object for instance, slow down if the
eyes are looking around, etc.

Imagine some system for people who may not be with it enough to realize they
are in a simulation, or want to lose themselves in a simulation by
pretending that it is reality.  What can we do with current tech?


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