[extropy-chat] virtual realities for the elderly

Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 16 02:31:30 UTC 2006

The possibilities are great. What about determining
the favorite films of an elderly person so to have
them assume virtual roles (excluding violent movies)
in those films?

> About five years ago I suggested a dome under which
> the patient would sit or
> lie, or something between such as a dentist chair
> style semi-recliner.  LCD
> and plasma screen technology would allow the
> necessary visual interface.
> The Duke Nukem and Second Life sims convince me that
> the technology is now
> sufficiently advanced to do this.
> Could we have a Second-Life like character that is
> guided by the eyes for
> left and right?  Do we have instruments that can
> watch the eyes?  The
> forward and backward could be controlled by some
> means, such as forward if
> the eyes are fixing on some distant object for
> instance, slow down if the
> eyes are looking around, etc.
> Imagine some system for people who may not be with
> it enough to realize they
> are in a simulation, or want to lose themselves in a
> simulation by
> pretending that it is reality.  What can we do with
> current tech?
> spike

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