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Wed Dec 20 14:06:58 UTC 2006

Of the 30 people who attended the talk, I think only 6 or 7 were
frequent flyers on this and related lists and I assume we had the same
number of frequent lurkers. In this case, the lecture represented the
first organic explanation of life extension ethics for about 10
I agree with Anders that "preaching to the converted" is also useful
to refine one's arguments, but am really persuaded that to make a
difference we need reeaching deep into the mainstream.

On 12/20/06, Anders Sandberg <asa at nada.kth.se> wrote:
> Robert Bradbury wrote:
> > Does any of the discussion on this thread (or the
> > related threads) make any actual difference?  As Giu1i0 pointed out only
> > 30
> > people, presumably many on this list or related lists, attended Anders'
> > discussion in Second Life on "raging against aging".  Presumably many of
> > the
> > participants have heard it all before at Extro III, Extro IV, etc.
> > Recycled
> > memes are not propagated memes.
> Sure. Reflux distillation is useful for many chemical reactions. The
> internal rehashing does polish arguments and sustain a worldview. Yes, it
> can lead to groupthink and recycling too. The trick is to combine it with
> external interaction.
> One thing I think we should work much harder on is to set out our
> arguments in writing, all the way from blog posts over dedicatred web
> pages to journal articles. Why? Both because it makes them easier to refer
> to and helps us refine them, but also because it makes them public and
> enables outside groups to respond to them, leading to broader meme
> changes. Any movement of ideas need a home base where an internal
> discussion is going on, but also a vigorous intellectual interaction with
> the rest of the world. This is also how to slowly but safely spread the
> memes into the mainstream.
> I just got sent some interesting papers about technoculture and religion
> that shows that some theologicians are not just discussing transhumanism
> but actually finding it almost "normal" and not even something to be
> opposed to.  Who listens to theologicians? Other intellectuals - and some
> of the priests they educate.
> The trick to making a difference is to do something that affects other
> systems.
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