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I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of potential supper powerful turbo
rocket sleds and more just coming into view as that door closes.  They are
just sitting their waiting for the first group of people that aren’t chained
down by their primitive boxed in thinking to recognize them, get on, take
off, and make an ever more huge profit while changing the world for the


Then Take Action!




Develop a fluid interconnected, immersive network of people who are working
on projects that are extropic and connect the dots.



Absolutely.  Enabling all this is in a very powerfully productive way is
precisely the goal of the Canonizer.



I had hoped that some of you would have taken the lead and carried parts of
the planks for a while.  You all have ample opportunity, especially when
antagonism was so damaging to ExI. But when I saw that we all allowed
Wikipedia to manipulate transhumanism through the voice of a handful of
people who are not extropians, it was clear to me that you simply did not
want to get your hands dirty and expected Max or the reset of us to do it
for you.

This is precisely why "we" did not want to expect anything from "others." 



Yes, we should all be carrying these planks.  I’ve very much wanted to do
more, but never really knew what needed to be done, or how to get more
involved let alone how to cast my own vote on what needed to be done and so


I think the first thing we need is a good way to communicate to everyone
what everyone needs and wants.  In other words what, precisely, are these
planks and which are the most critical and most important according to
everyone?  We can develop an ExI Canonizer that shows everyone what true
Extropian Transhumanists “ET”s think and which ignores other’s POV right?
Knowing and developing this, and communicating this to everyone (while being
cognizant of all contrasting POV) is the first step right?


I think that once everyone can more clearly see all of this in a way that
involves everyone, the real action will naturally follow, especially where
people are in true agreement, right?


There are name spaces in the Canonizer where this kind of POV can now be
collected outside of the general POV encyclopedia name space.  For example
there is the




name space.  This is where all the management of Canonizer LLC will be
performed, using the “Canonizer Canonizer” (when it is fully developed and
functioning) and so on to prioritize the POV and make all the decisions.
See (http://test.canonizer.com/topic.asp?topic_num=10)


We can create a similar namespace like this:




Where we can collaboratively develop, and in effect “vote” on what is most
important to ExI people and what work is most important to be done for the
Extropian cause.


What are some of these “planks” for all of you that are important things
that we all think need to be done for ExI?  Let’s get some of these
specified.  And I think test.canonizer.com is a good place to start.  Even
though we can’t yet “canonizer” this POV data quite yet it can be entered in
a structured POV wiki way.  The canonization process of such POV structure
will soon be there.



And of course, if any of you are interested in helping out with development
and debugging work of the Canonizer, that would get things done much sooner
so we can really start “canonizing” some of this structured wiki POV in a
productive way.  And as is described in the Canonizer name space topics, for
each hour anyone spends working on Canonizer LLC development for the time
being people will get 1 share ownership of Canonizer LLC.  (see
http://test.canonizer.com/topic.asp?topic_num=4) It is my POV that these
shares will soon be of immense worth if the Canoizer is truly the next big
thing.  And once we have some real revenue people will get paid real money
for this kind of work rather than further diluting the number of shares and
so on.  So get them now as this 1 share of Canonizer LLC per hour offer will
not last.


And of course all content contributors (see
http://test.canonizer.com/topic.asp?topic_num=3) will be earning not only
revenue from advertisements and things like “delegated” support and
influence, but we will be partitioning the control of future Canonizer LLC
budgets out to the people that contribute the most to the Canonizer in
justly earned ways and so on.  In other words, I believe some real
significant financial capital could be leveraged through such a process to
accomplish many Extropian (and many other deserving) tasks – as defined by
people’s Canoized “POV”.


Keith Henson said:



Of course the underlying motivation for virtually everything people do is
social status.  It's an extremely uncomfortable subject to discuss, on a par
with masturbation and for the same reason.  (Remember what Henry Kissenger



Status and Money!  But mostly status right?  And all of this is what
“Canonizers” (people contributing to the Canonizer) will be getting a lot
of.  “Delegated Support” or votes is just the start of how people will earn
very powerfully influential “status” with the Canonizer.


Imagine 2 years from know, Natasha has developed and earned a huge “tree” of
delegated support in the Canonizer (She has already earned my delegated vote
tree).  Now imagine she walks into a new restaurant where everyone clearly
knows how much delegated “status” she has.  Do you think these restaurant
people will be interested in getting her huge tree of delegated support in
the “camp” that believes that restaurant is a great restaurant under the
canonized topic of “What is the best restaurant” closest to my current
location?  Of course they will want to treat her as queen of the world in
hopes of that happening right?  And deservedly so.


Is it written anywhere that people can’t get paid a lot of money and earn
lots of delegated influence and reputation… saving the world?  This is
another small part of the “supper powerful turbo rocket sled” I was talking
about above.


So, if you want to tell me which “planks” are most important, I will try to
enter those into the Canonizer.  But of course I would hope all of you would
sign up and start entering some of this on your own while telling us your
POV about how to make the Canonizer better in the /organizations/canonizer/
name space pages.


Eventually I want to have an easy way to “propose” Canonizer submissions to
related topic “Canonizer Forums” before actually submitting them.  But until
all this gets fully developed, we can always submit our proposals here and
discuss them before we actually submit them right?




Brent Allsop





Notice, under the prototypical POV topic of God (the only one so far in the
general encyclopedia name space.  See
http://test.canonizer.com/topic.asp?topic_num=2), I have added my own “POV”
about God.  It is under the Atheist / Traditional / Extropian POV statement.
Do any of you true “ET”s disagree with me calling this the “Extropian” view
of what God is (or really isn’t)?  If so I can rename it to something else.
And would any of you be in this camp with me?  (And if you are in a
different camp, I hope you will start canonize your POV on this and other




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