[extropy-chat] Sasha is alive!

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 05:37:18 UTC 2006

Ok, I know some of you will think I've drifted off to the loonie bins more
than is otherwise normally the case...

But I happen to have maintained a page of Eric's works [1]
which included a citation from Sasha's [3] great thinkers [2].

I happened to have clicked on that URL and ended up at [4] and [5].

I nod my head to the people (Dave?) for these pages being maintained for
such a period of time.
I have my own private copy of many or all of these pages so it would be
difficult to "lose" them -- but it was somewhat of a shock to go clicking on
a page and hear Sasha speaking to me (due to direction to the WAV file).

So for those of you focused on computations as to whether or not cold fusion
may or may not be feasible, I would offer an alternate problem, "When will
we reincarnate Sasha?".  Note the the question is not conditional.  We will
have the ability to do this.  We could get into discussions as to whether or
not the entity is a "greater" or "lesser" Sasha.  I would argue that the
wold is a lesser place with Sasha in absence, and thus we should seek to
fill that void.

Return the ExICh list to that which Sasha would have cherished.  We do not
debate merely if cold fusion is possible.  We instead resurrect the *really*
dead.  Damien, go write me a novel, based in sound physics, with a lot of
computational capacity thrown at the problem, where the *dead* shall live
again.  (Worth noting as an aside is that Matrioshka Brains have a trillion
trillion human brains at their disposal, don't know if Charlie really
grasped that...)

Go write a novel where it is clear that Sasha didn't think things through
very well...



2. http://www.lucifer.com/~sasha/thinkers.html<http://www.lucifer.com/%7Esasha/thinkers.html>
3. http://www.lucifer.com/~sasha/sasha.html<http://www.lucifer.com/%7Esasha/sasha.html>
4. http://www.lucifer.com/~sasha/home.html<http://www.lucifer.com/%7Esasha/home.html>
5. tp://www.lucifer.com/~sasha/sound/congrats_home.wav<http://www.lucifer.com/%7Esasha/sound/congrats_home.wav>
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