[extropy-chat] Brent and Natasha's thoughts

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Wed Dec 27 21:32:26 UTC 2006

From: Damien Broderick 

At 01:29 PM 12/27/2006 -0500, Keith wrote:

>>The fact is that we are not (yet) transhumanists, just the
>>evolved social primates known as "humans."

>Au contraire. This is a misunderstanding of the now-established >H 
>usage. We *are* transhumanists. 

Yes, definitely.  

>We are not, however, as yet, 

I think there are indications of "very early" transhumans today.  (Burn
patients while whole or partial synthetic, cloned or grown skin encasements
of their bodies; manufactured, smart electonic devices which alter
"natural" birth conditions of biologies, etc.)

>let alone posthuman.

Definitely not.  


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