[extropy-chat] Is Many Worlds testable?

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> Damien Broderick
> > This is probably a silly suggestion, but could 
> > a physicist do the observing directly, and then 
> > be dosed with Rohypnol or some other drug 
> > interrupting short term memory, preventing 
> > the memory of observation from going into 
> > long term storage? 
> It seems to me that the point is not the short/long
> memory, and related consciousness, but the
> 'observing
> directly'. If the observer measures and knows the
> 'which 
> way' every particle took, the pattern on the screen 
> is smooth. If the observer measures and knows
> nothing, 
> the pattern is fully interferential. If the observer
> measures partially and knows partially the 'which
> way' 
> every particle took, he gets a partial interference 
> pattern.
> The interference pattern depends on the quantity of
> information the observer chooses to get (through
> the measurement apparata). 
> Imagine a chameleon. On a green carpet his colour
> is green. On a brown carpet his colour is brown.
> On a green-brown carpet his colour should be
> green-brown, I suppose :-). What is the true
> colour of a chameleon? And what is the true shape
> of a photon? Limited and finite is the available
> information.

The shape of a photon is a moving wave from any
reference frame that is moving slower than it is "c".
>From a comoving reference frame, the photon is a
When you realize that from its own point of view, a
photon travels at infinite speed, quantum erasure no
longer seems paradoxical.


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