[extropy-chat] Is Many Worlds testable?

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Fri Dec 29 20:55:30 UTC 2006

Russell Wallace Wrote:

> the two branches will only be different enough to decohere - erase the
> interference pattern - if on the order of kT energy is dissipated. Gravity
> is a very weak force, so any gravitons produced by a single photon or
> electron would carry far less energy than that.

Not only that but if a graviton is released from the electron that went
through slot A you can be certain a graviton will be released from the
electron that went through slot B, and that would make the 2 universes
mighty damn similar.

> it strikes me as unlikely that a computer could be made so perfectly
> reversible as to be able to run a conscious experience with less than kT
> energy dissipation

It doesn't matter how fast the consciousness thinks, so just slow it down,
to the consciousness it will just seem like the world sped up and that's not
relevant to the experiment.  If you slow it down enough you can make the
brain use an arbitrarily small amount of energy.

John K Clark

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