[extropy-chat] Elo delta of IA?

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> Subject: [extropy-chat] Elo delta of IA?
> Just a question some of the chess interested people around here might be
> able to clarify. Has there been any studies (i.e. matches) done to see how
> much someone's chess rating is increased by being allowed use of a chess
> program? Plausibly one ought to at least be as good as the program if it
> is better than oneself, but there could be further improvements if the
> player could add some extra judgement to the suggested moves? Or are the
> user interfaces so cumbersome that it tends to be either-or?
> --
> Anders Sandberg

Anders there is a lot of research going on regarding these questions.  The
sport of humans and computers working together is called freestyle chess.  A
human/computer team is a centaur.


>From the article:

Gary Kasparov, the spiritual father of Advanced Chess, which he proposed in
1998, saw his views confirmed by the 1st Freestyle Tournament. He wrote
about this in his New In Chess column (NiC Magazine 5/2005, p. 96f). "At
first the results [of the PAL/CSS Freestyle tournament] seemed quite
predictable. Even the strongest computers were eliminated by IMs and GMs
using relatively weak machines to avoid blunders."

This is way cool: use a computer to eliminate gross errors, but use human
judgment to avoid the computer's weakness of not understanding positional
play.  Silicon can calculate the hell out of a problem, but they still don't
have a gut feel for a position. 

> Or are the
> user interfaces so cumbersome that it tends to be either-or? 

Regarding computer interfaces, they have become soooooo much better today
than they were before I was a geezer, it gives me hope for the future of
human/machine interfaces.  I don't understand why development in this area
is as slow as it is.  Computer hipsters, why don't we have televisions that
work by voice recognition?  Why can't I just say: TV, go get on your Tivo I
bought you and find me some original Star Treks or Ally McBeals, first
season please.

What is taking so long?  We have the technology.  Why isn't it coming
together for us?  Why are we *still* using creaky old Billware?


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