[extropy-chat] Elo delta of IA?

Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 00:47:50 UTC 2006

On 12/29/06, spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Regarding computer interfaces, they have become soooooo much better today
> than they were before I was a geezer, it gives me hope for the future of
> human/machine interfaces.  I don't understand why development in this area
> is as slow as it is.  Computer hipsters, why don't we have televisions
> that
> work by voice recognition?  Why can't I just say: TV, go get on your Tivo
> I
> bought you and find me some original Star Treks or Ally McBeals, first
> season please.
> What is taking so long?  We have the technology.  Why isn't it coming
> together for us?  Why are we *still* using creaky old Billware?

Because consumers still have some money left for the interim technologies.
Like the iPod.  (*gasp* - yes, i said it)  Why doesn't the iPod come with
bluetooth?  It seems stupid to me that it still has wires connecting to the
earbuds.  Why not put it on the 3G network (or whatever 'cell phone' network
you have) - Seriously, why obsess about 4Gb or 8Gb capacity if you could
download a dozen tracks you might want to hear after the current song
finishes?  Once this device is network accessible (via Bluetooth, 3G, WiFi,
etc) then I want a remote desktop server in it so I can use my computer
monitor rather than the puny 1.5" onboard screen.  You get the gist of this

...but there is no need to truly innovate since people are still buying the
'next generation' of Nano because it's now available in colors (which people
then put in the same holders/protectors/skins/etc from generation 1)
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