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Jose Cordeiro jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 30 04:59:32 UTC 2006

Dear futurist friends,
       Just in time for a new year, I want to invite you all to fill out a fascinating survey about the future of education. If you find some transhumanist overtones in some questions, don't ask me who helped:-)
       Have a very happy 2007, 2070, 2700, 7200...
       Futuristically yours,
       La vie est belle!

José Cordeiro (www.cordeiro.org)
      Director, Venezuela, The Millennium Project (www.StateOfTheFuture.org)

From: Jerome Clayton Glenn <jglenn at IGC.ORG>
Subject: Invitation to participate in Education and Learning Possibilities in 2030

On behalf of the Millennium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University, we have the honor to invite you to participate in a study on Education and Learning Possibilities by the Year 2030.
The purpose of this study is to provide a global picture of potential futures of education and learning that will be used as an input to the new Vision of Korea for 2030 report to the Ministry of Education. Our study will address education in a global sense, not specific Korean issues as such. Applications from this global study will be focused on Korea by a different team assembled by the Korean Node of the Millennium Project. The results of the global assessment will be published in the next State of the Future.
You are invited to take part in this process by providing your judgments in the on line questionnaire at www.realtimedelphi.com. No attributions will be made, but respondents will be listed as participants. You do not have to complete this online questionnaire in one visit. When you return to the questionnaire, it will contain your previous answers and the inputs provided by others. You can change your previous textual and numeric answers as often as you like. You are encouraged to return to this questionnaire several times before the deadline of January 17, 2007.
When you access www.realtimedelphi.com you will be asked if this is your first visit, and if so, you are requested to register (enter your e-mail address and postal address to which we should mail the results). When you return to the questionnaire, select: If you have registered before for any study on this site, please click here to proceed, and then provide just your email address (which is always your login key) and then proceed to the questionnaire. When asked to enter the access code, enter "edu.”
Please contact us if you have any questions or need clarification about this invitation. We look forward to including your views, and to sharing the results with you.

Best regards,
Jerome C. Glenn,              Theodore J. Gordon
Director,                           Senior Fellow
The Millennium Project

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