[extropy-chat] and viscous paragraphs (was Conquering the world with a POV wiki)

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Sat Dec 30 08:08:32 UTC 2006

>Yikes. This sort of vast indigestible screed is why dog gave us
>paragraphs, Brent.

Don't worry, Brent!

Compared to Cortazar, ....  (whose works I adore, by the way)

"Tara" first paragraph
by Juilio Corta'zar in _Unreasonable Hours_ 1983

"There are things that help you find a way out, like this business
of using a noose to star rats, another trite and slippery
palindrome. Lozano has always been crazy about these word games,
which he doesn't seem to consider games at all, since everything
happens to him as if in a mirror telling a lie and the truth at the
same time, telling Lozano the truth because it shows him his right
ear on the right, but also lying because Laura or anyone else would
look at him and see the right ear on Lozano's left, even if at
exactly the same time they were to identify it as his right ear;
they'd simply see it on the left, which is something no mirror can
do, a mirror being incapable of mental corrections, and that's why
the mirror tells Lozano both a lie and the truth, and that is why
for a long time now he has been thinking as if he were standing in
front of a mirror; whether to star rats is nothing more than that,
since permutations require relection, and so Lozano looks down at
the floor and allows the words to play on their own while he waits
for them, just like the Calagasta hunters wait to catch the giant
rats alive."


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