[extropy-chat] H+ regulatory policy and acetyl-l-carnitine

Morris Johnson mfj.eav at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 17:59:34 UTC 2006

It appears that in Canada N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a schedule F (Controlled)
drug in Canada.
In the USA it is a food supplement available at Wal-Mart.

I have incorporated it into my anti-aging dietary practices since last
summer and have been regularly importing it into Canada.

On return from the last trip it was tagged as non-importable  unless:
It was continuation of  treatment stated in the USA., under the supervision
of a USA Physician . ...90 day measured amounts must  be imported and only
in Rx bottle containers.

OR-  Alternatively it can be imported to a Canadian physician's location in
90 day allotments if approved  by the
and SAP (Special Access Program) request.

I surrendered my bottles to customs and had my MD in Canada file an  SAP
request the very next day.
We will hear back next week about the results.

There are 2 issues in play here.
1- the rights of the individual to direct their personal health management
without undue state interference.

2-utilization of the SAP etc places additional time and
money costs on both health consumer and medical practitioners as well as
public funds for similar efforts by a bureaucratic agency.  Money that could
better be spent in an H+ manner.
My doctor's time billings to medicare divert resources from other patients
rationed healthcare services.

Fortunately I have a 6 month supply on hand and the desire to play the game.

The makes for some darwinian selection ... those willing to invest time and
resources on H+ will
statistically outlive those who are passively obedient to state mandated
anti - H+ policies.

De-regulation of  H+ medicine seems to be the answer.

How do the rest of you handle your access to H+ supplements and human
enhancement technologies in your jurasdictions ?

Morris Johnson

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