[extropy-chat] humor: random newtonmas thoughts

Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 24 23:17:29 UTC 2006

Yes, Spyro Gyro is good. There wouldn't happen to be
anyone here who likes John McLaughlin the guitarist,
would there? He recently released an album called
'Industrial Zen'-- with a title like that one
hesitates to listen to it.
There is a place for banal xmas music & lyrics. If you
listen to intense music it can be distracting, while
sappy xmas music is just filler to chuckle at, it's
elevator music for a few weeks in December. 
Xmas makes sense as an escape, for a few weeks we
celebrate a silly season, listen to dopey muzak; it
takes the mind off things. Only thing is, very few
will admit it is in fact a pagan holiday.

> How about Spyro Gyra for the feeling of progress,
> music that has aged
> extremely well in the last 25 years.

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