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Thu Mar 23 20:13:49 UTC 2006

Since there have been some postings on the medical studies of pomegranate
juice lessening artherioschlerosis I have been doing some Googling and am
coming up with a few questions of my own.

Has anyone found any ethnological data to support the belief that life long 
drinking/eating of pomegranates leads to lower incidence of heart disease.

Since they come from India and the middle east, people living in areas where pomegranates 
flourish should be expected to have much lower rates of artherioschlerosis, right?

Also does anyone what percentage the antioxidents survive the pasteurization process in 
store bought pomegranate juice such as "POM Wonderful"  or other juices such as blueberry
or even grape juice?

I would assume that the studies were conducted with fresh juice for maximum potency.  And since
POM is a bit expensive I would like to minimize the risk that I'm not just paying for sugar water.
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