[extropy-chat] Meta, flame bait was hope you can comprehend

Keith Henson hkhenson at rogers.com
Thu May 18 05:20:54 UTC 2006

At 10:24 PM 5/17/2006 -0400, Joseph wrote:
>Doesn't that seem to be a self-fulfilling prophecy?
>I mean, of COURSE the people who believe that reanimation is feasible
>are going to be cryonicists. If you accept that one premise, no matter
>how slim the odds, it becomes a better bet than the alternative.

Joseph, appreciate your defense, but wish you and others would take a meta 
look at his attention seeking behavior and not reward it.


(person I will not reward by naming him)

> >. But Keith Henson loses his
> > temper calling the post 'troll bait'.

On this list it is.  Worked too.  I am also annoyed by spam.

> > See this is why I don't want to be at all seriously involved.


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