[extropy-chat] FRA security theatre

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Sat Oct 7 22:02:35 UTC 2006

On Oct 7, 2006, at 2:07 AM, Amara Graps wrote:
> Well well. After passing through the US Security Theatre at Frankfurt
> Airport.. Each time I travel to the US, I think that the security  
> checks
> can not possibly become more ridiculous (and humiliating). The next  
> time
> I discover that indeed it can, and it is.

For whatever it is worth, a few European countries (e.g. the UK, and  
from what I hear, Belgium) have more asinine rules and restrictions  
than the US.  Not many, but a few.  The US is very sensitive to  
business travels and does seem to change the rules to accommodate them.

Unfortunately, the most restrictive hop of a flight apparently  
determines what you have to do for the whole trip.  For example, my  
upcoming business trip from the US to Switzerland passes through  
Heathrow, which means that I have to comply with the pathologically  
stupid UK rules that make travel very unpleasant for business  
travelers that neither the US nor Switzerland employ.  If I had more  
time, I would have avoided the UK altogether which over the long term  
is going to impact economies.

I do not find US air travel significantly worse than other countries  
most times these days, partly because the US has gotten more  
efficient at it and the rest of the world has gotten worse.  I pine  
for the pre-9/11 days when flying was like riding a bus more often  
than not.  To think I had complaints about the hassles then...

J. Andrew Rogers

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