[extropy-chat] FWD (SK) Re: Q. for Stan Schwartz [North Korea's weapon test]

Terry Colvin fortean1 at mindspring.com
Wed Oct 11 02:55:09 UTC 2006

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>On Mon, Oct 09, 2006 at 09:47:40AM -0700, Graeme Kennedy wrote:
>> On 9-Oct-06, at 9:41 AM, b b wrote:
>> >How difficult would it be for North Korea to fake a nuclear test  
>> >via seismographic evidence?
>> 550mt? Seismic, maybe. Isotopes, unlikely.
>> Underground tests are confirmable with atmospheric isotope tests.  
>> Usually iridium.
>Has this been confirmed yet?  Apparently the seismic evidence
>suggests this was something of a dud (less than a kiloton,
>whereas it should have been over 10 and closer to 20 kilotons)...
>Arms Control Wonk suggests that this is evidence that it was genuine,
>as if they were going to fake it they would have made it bigger:
>Jim Lippard

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