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Tue Oct 17 02:41:23 UTC 2006

Hey y'all,
  I'm wondering when the first "blockbuster" Singularity movie will emerge out of Hollywood. I have no doubt that it will happen eventually. If a film isn't already underway, this might be a good opportunity for someone in the pro-Singularity camp to make a positive contribution to Singularity awareness. The masses want to be entertained if they are to be expected to learn anything. I think Ray Kurzweil would be a good candidate for writing the screenplay (if he was interested) for several reasons: expertise, name recognition, balanced analyses, and a double major including creative writing. And I think the Wachowski brothers would make good Directors for it. (They are famous for "The Matrix" of course). To guard against the possibility that a film would only add to the "fiction" interpretation of the Singularity meme, the film could begin with an brief written explanation to the effect that: although the film itself is fictional, the Singularity is a "real" projected event
 that is anticipated by many experts in various fields. (Or something like that). A good, thought provoking film, might get a lot of people talking who otherwise might not learn of the Singularity for quite some time.
  Best Wishes,
  Jeffrey Herrlich 

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