[extropy-chat] Fictional Singularity Movie

Heartland velvethum at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 17 23:29:52 UTC 2006

Hi Jeffrey,

A B wrote:
>> Hey y'all,
>>  I'm wondering when the first "blockbuster" Singularity movie will
>> emerge out of Hollywood. I have no doubt that it will happen
>> eventually. If a film isn't already underway, this might be a good
>> opportunity for someone in the pro-Singularity camp to make a
>> positive contribution to Singularity awareness. The masses want to
>> be entertained if they are to be expected to learn anything.

There's no doubt in my mind that a well done movie would do far more to increase 
awareness of Singularity among general population than all the Singularity-related 
websites out there put together.

>> I think
>> Ray Kurzweil would be a good candidate for writing the screenplay
>> (if he was interested) for several reasons: expertise, name
>> recognition, balanced analyses, and a double major including
>> creative writing.

It would have to be someone who is, first and foremost, skilled in the art of 
storytelling while also being an expert on the Singularity. Perhaps a better and 
faster approach to this would be to do a screenplay adaptation of the best and 
currently available novel about the Singularity.

>> And I think the Wachowski brothers would make good
>> Directors for it. (They are famous for "The Matrix" of course).

I'm in total agreement with you there. I would argue that "The Matrix" is a 
"Singularity movie." After all, in the movie machines achieved above human-level 
intelligence and took over the world. The "S" word is not used explicitly (although 
the phrase "singular consciousness" makes an appearance) but the concept of 
transhuman intelligence is dealt with implicitly.

Even though I suspect that the "W" brothers are talented enough to not only direct 
such a movie, but also to write it, I think they are currently more interested in 
adapting comic books than trying to write about "heavy" topics like Singularity.

>> To
>> guard against the possibility that a film would only add to the
>> "fiction" interpretation of the Singularity meme, the film could
>> begin with an brief written explanation to the effect that: although
>> the film itself is fictional, the Singularity is a "real" projected
>> event that is anticipated by many experts in various fields. (Or
>> something like that).

If the movie was done well, a sense of real potential for Singularity happening 
within our lifetimes should be obvious from the movie itself. As always, it's 
better to show than tell.


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