[extropy-chat] Hydrogen a "bad Idea"

Keith Henson hkhenson at rogers.com
Thu Apr 12 17:11:28 UTC 2007

At 01:12 AM 4/12/2007 -0700, Thomas wrote:
>Keith Henson wrote:
> >I must say that several threads have become more noise than signal.
> >
> >Keith
> >
> >
>I hope this help, Keith:


>There are no easy answers to the worlds energy crisis.  We'll never have
>the magic power to crack enough water into hydrogen with solar energy
>to produce 138 billion GGEs a year.  DOE is investing billions in the future,
>but the ideas below don't merit the energy spent to send the message.
>Who can provide a solution with verifiable facts and figures, that supplies
>138 billion GGEs a year for 330 million US vehicles, using solar, 
>bio-fuels or
>plants on their roofs?  Then try fueling 700 million vehicles worldwide, Then
>work on heating the couple of billion homes.  Once you solve these issues,
>work on energy to drive the world's industries which increases at about 5%
>a year.
>And once you solve the US energy needs try taking on China where we expect
>the majority of the world's oil production this century to be consumed.
>Small scale ideas look foolish when we confront the big picture and become
>better informed people.
>Paul suggested checking out the Energy Information Agency site 
>I bet he'd like your space elevator.  --Thomas

This is one of the more sensible items I have read here in some time.

Could you send me an email contact for Paul?



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