[extropy-chat] The great global warming swindle

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Tue Apr 17 01:48:24 UTC 2007

Max wrote:

> Even if we buy into the idea that global warming 
> is real, significant, sustained, and largely 
> human-caused, 

Let me invite you off the fence Max. 

Do you or don't you Max think global warming is real, significant,
sustained and largely human-caused? 

I don't know much about global warming as I've not been
following it closely. Reputable, multiple news sources
seems to be reporting that that is the current scientific 

They could be wrong but to me as a sort of Bayesian its seems 
they are together more likely to be right.  

I respect you as an independent thinker - what do you actually

I don't know anything about Chief Executive other than
what the name suggests to me. (I am definitely no socialist.)
Telling a bunch of guys (probably Americans) that may want 
to deny something that's true in order to shirk their responsibility
for doing something about it isn't appealing. It looks like 
appeasing and kissing up. It looks like cash for comment or 
curry-favouring towards that.  But I could be wrong. I'm just
being honest about what it looks like. 

I would be wrong if you have thought through independently
the situation on global warming and are standing up for the 
truth even if it is unpopular to do so. 

Brett Paatsch

PS. I respect that in the past you have not taken positions in
favour of democracy. I hope you would not take a position in
favour of fascism and promise breaking.  I am concerned 
that the direction that the US is moving is that way. I think the
US could be a couple of generations away from producing the
global conditions that will see us become a working instance
of the Fermi paradox.

Very high technology in the hands of very vengeful tribal mortals
that don't care much when they die as long as they can die killing
what they oppose. And a lot of them are starting to direct their
hate at the US hypocrisy.  300 million people breaking social 
contracts (real ones -treaties not imaginary ones) with the rest
can do that.  America is only part of the West not all of it. Outside
of America are westerners that if forced to live as second class 
citizens will fight like Geronimo (or like the US Founders) when
treaties are broken and that has not the slightest bit to do with
radical Islam or Muhabbism. It has to do with the resentment of 
undeserved priviledge coupled with broken promises - broken
treaties.  In a way it is the most natural thing for humans to do
when the paths to better ways are blocked by the baseness of
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