[extropy-chat] The great global warming swindle

Max More max at maxmore.com
Wed Apr 18 18:09:16 UTC 2007

A brief and partial reply, at least for now:

At 08:48 PM 4/16/2007, Brett wrote:
>Max wrote:
> > Even if we buy into the idea that global warming
> > is real, significant, sustained, and largely
> > human-caused,
>Let me invite you off the fence Max.

You're welcome to. However, there are four 
distinct questions there, and for two of them no 
part of my body is in the least bit supported by 
the fence. Only on the last am I resting some of 
my weight after a long walk through the fields of debate.

Real? Yes.
Significant? Not yet, but likely to be soon, yes.

Sustained? Depends on the time period, of course. 
I'm leaning lightly against the fence on this 
question is we're talking about a time period of 
decades, including the future and not just the past.

Largely human-caused? This is where I bless the 
fence for supporting more of my weight. I'm not 
sufficiently schooled in the relevant subjects 
nor sufficiently arrogant to form a strong belief 
in the absence of relevant knowledge to be sure 
here. I think it's pretty likely that it's 
largely human-caused, but not entirely convinced, 
having seen similar claims in the 1970s--except 
then it was about the imminent disaster of a new ice age.

My main concern and criticism of most commentary 
of this subject is not concerning these four 
questions. It's about the most rational RESPONSE. I noted:

>In fact, at least two consensus views are being
>pushed on us­and pushed hard. One is that global
>warming is not only happening but is primarily
>anthropogenic. The second is that we must
>immediately institute a set of strong global
>controls on carbon dioxide production.

Stepping well away from the fence, I say that it 
would be a big mistake to impose drastic controls 
on carbon dioxide production.

That doesn't mean I favor doing nothing. But that's for another post.



>PS. I respect that in the past you have not taken positions in
>favour of democracy. I hope you would not take a position in
>favour of fascism and promise breaking.

I can barely believe that you asked me that 
question. However, my eyes insist that these 
incoming photons accurately represent the words 
you wrote, so I suppose I must. I'm not deeply 
enthusiastic about democracy because I see it as 
restricting the liberty (and responsibility) of 
the individual. That's as far as I will go in 
dignifying an answer to this particular question.

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