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On Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 08:36:05AM +1000, Brett Paatsch wrote:
> Max wrote:
> >>PS. I respect that in the past you have not taken positions in
> >> favour of democracy. I hope you would not take a position in
> >> favour of fascism and promise breaking.
> >
> > I can barely believe that you asked me that 
> > question. However, my eyes insist that these 
> > incoming photons accurately represent the words 
> > you wrote, so I suppose I must. I'm not deeply 
> > enthusiastic about democracy because I see it as 
> > restricting the liberty (and responsibility) of 
> > the individual. That's as far as I will go in 
> > dignifying an answer to this particular question.
> They aren't questions Max they are statements. I do respect
> that in the past you have had the courage and integrity to be
> open about your reservations about democracy. I too have
> reservations about democracy. If no one did then nothing
> better could arise.
> I am a libertarian. Being a libertarian in my book carries
> duties to defend freedom when freedom is threatened. 
> George W Bush's "war on terror" is the stupidist most
> absurb proposition turned into policy that a country full
> of appeasers has sat and nodded at since Caligula married
> his horse. 
> When the nazis came to power in Germany they were able
> to do so because men and women that could have together
> done something about it did not act early enough. 
> I have issues with American libertarians because they are
> not, in sufficient numbers or more importantly in significant
> effective efforts, defending the most fundamental freedoms
> of all. 
> Your extropian principles were an excellent effort by the 
> younger man that was yourself to articulate a vision for a
> way forward. But fine words uttered in ones youth are not
> enough. 
> If one will not stand up and fight for a principle and struggle and
> even die for a principle, ones most cherished principle, then one
> is not really alive.  
> Why haven't I see you lobbying or writing for the impeachment
> of President Bush Max? There are people in your country that
> are - the case for it, the need for it could hardly be clearer. Why
> aren't you defending the constitution that is the bedrock of your
> real freedom?
> Your extropian principles, as has been discussed before, by folk
> like Hal come into tension with each other.  
> We all have to make our living in this less than ideal world. But
> if we don't take a stand on anything because the highest goal
> we have is always to keep ourselves alive then we never really
> live.  
> Bush has attacked science and reason and technology and
> people. He has said you are with us (meaning him) or against
> us.  When Presidents or Feuhrers say those things and act 
> above the law we cannot not take them seriously.
> The rule of law could use your support at this point in history
> Max.  Humanity could.  I could. 
> Regards, 
> Brett 
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