[extropy-chat] How to be copied into the future?.

Heartland velvethum at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 27 19:35:24 UTC 2007

Heartland replying to Stathis:
>> You merely observe that you find no difference between an
>> illusion of continuous life and a continuous life.

John K Clark interjects:
> The most astonishing word in your entire post is of course "merely". If I
> think I've survived why should I give a flying fuck if I "really" (whatever
> that means) have or not?

That's classified. The Pope of Original Atom Cult has finally put his foot down and 
ordered me to shut up about the cult's teachings but if you're willing to make a 
big donation to the cult I can arrange a special enlightenment session for you. 
Just call 1-800-STRAWMN and get in touch with our treasurer.


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