[extropy-chat] Human Reproductive Manifest Destiny

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sat Apr 28 21:40:28 UTC 2007

Spike writes

> Lee, after reading your paragraph above, I realized you are absolutely
> right.

Spike is being a little tongue-in-cheek since I was speaking out against
the anti-abortionists, but goes on to make an absolutely telling point:

>  I have decided to become a super radical anti-abortionist right to
> lifer.  As the sperm approaches the egg, the pair represent a sacred
> potential human life.  The same argument still works even before they
> actually approach, so I must conclude that it is murderously immoral to not
> copulate at every opportunity.
> Kewallll.

"Cool???"  Mrs. Jones may have some serious forebodings about what
this may lead to in your particular case.  Watcha you mouth.

Seriously, you are totally correct in the moral imperative to rescue as
many people from non-existence as possible.  Not only---because we
failed to listen to Brigham Young and to Sir Francis Galton---have we
in the West failed miserably at reproducing ourselves, we are also
allowing untold numbers of eggs from highly intelligent women to go

Now in earlier times this unfortunate failure could be excused for lack
of resources.  Not now.

I always heard that the average women has several hundred eggs, 
corresponding---in my great ignorance---I suppose to the number
of months she lives before a certain degeneracy due to age sets in.
Anyone know some numbers?

But anyway, lookee here: 

It may be a lot more than several hundred!  Thus all eggs from
teenage American girls who have IQs over 140 should be 
harvested and subjected to artificial insemination with male
sperm acquired from the healthiest, most intelligent, and most
conscientious specimens who also have a stirling family tree.

(Alas, I must use the word "specimens" out of  respect for Peter
Seller's wonderful parody of Von Neumann in "Dr. Strangelove".)


> spike
> {8^D

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