[extropy-chat] Human Reproductive Manifest Destiny

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 29 04:12:50 UTC 2007

> From: Lee Corbin [mailto:lcorbin at rawbw.com]

> Subject: Human Reproductive Manifest Destiny
> Spike writes
> > ... I must conclude that it is murderously immoral to not
> > copulate at every opportunity.
> > Kewallll.
> "Cool???"  Mrs. Jones may have some serious forebodings about what
> this may lead to in your particular case.  Watcha you mouth...

In my case, I meant every opportunity *with Mrs. Jones* of course.  {8^]

I could not imagine trying to explain my pro-life theory to some young
nubile.  I would likely land in prison.  {8^D

> I always heard that the average women has several hundred eggs,
> corresponding---in my great ignorance---I suppose to the number
> of months she lives before a certain degeneracy due to age sets in.
> Anyone know some numbers?... Lee

A young woman can have over a million follicles, or immature eggs.  Usually
only one per month becomes an ovum, but with the application of certain
follicle stimulating hormones, she may drop a bunch of them in one month.
During one of our tortuous and unsuccessful fertility treatments, the medics
retrieved thirty two follicles.  Of those, twelve were successfully
fertilized in vitro, seven managed to survive the freezing and thawing
process and divide to the eight cells stage and five appeared healthy enough
to be subsequently implanted in two separate implantations that time.  But
none managed to survive, that time nor the other attempts, no baby.  I would
rather forget those emotionally and financially challenging episodes.  


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