[ExI] Mailing list for the Transhumanist Technical Roadmap

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 00:25:44 UTC 2007

Hi all,


This is my announcement relaying that I have opened a mailing list for 
the discussion of the roadmap; I am inviting every able body to join 
and to contribute. I will be breaking down the roadmap into emailed 
sections to be discussed, reviewed, edited, allowing for the suggestion 
of new projects and at the same time making contacts with productive 
researchers to get things rolling, outlining additional plans, seeking 
out the necessary resources, and so on.

I am starting to break up the roadmap into pursuable projects, opening 
up some FTP accounts for the placement of important documents, such as 
designs or relevant literature, etc. In the case of those projects 
involving (open source) software, there will be version control systems 

Transhumanism, in its essence, is about self-transformation, this 
devotion to change and to creating more. Each of us is solely 
responsible for the transformative technologies. When I sat down months 
ago to start the roadmap, I was not expecting such immediate support, 
and so now I am taking the next natural step on the journey. I wish you 
all well and hope you will join me on the path.

- Bryan

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