[ExI] Evolutiion is not random,...

scerir scerir at libero.it
Sat Dec 1 07:23:09 UTC 2007

Robert Picone:
[...] the "underlying process of evolution",
which is neither inherently random nor inherently

That seems close to something Schrodinger wrote
in his inaugural address to the Prussian Academy
of Sciences (1929).

Schrodinger firstly asserts: "Franz Exner (to whom 
I am personally indebted for his exceptionally great 
support) was the first who contemplated the possibility
of an acausal conception of nature."
See here something about Exner's indeterminism

Then he writes: "In my opinion this question [acausal 
concept of nature] does not involve a decision as to 
what the real character of a natural happening is, 
but rather as to whether the one or the other 
predisposition of mind be the more useful and convenient 
one with which to approach nature. [...]. 
We can hardly imagine any experimental facts which would 
finally decide whether Nature is absolutely determined 
or is partially indetermined. The most that can be decided 
is whether the one or the other concept leads to the simpler 
and clearer survey of all the observed facts." 


about the complexity of evolution ....

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