[ExI] Computer Backups

Khaled Aly ka.aly at luxsci.net
Sun Dec 2 22:52:34 UTC 2007

Your point is absolutely right. I didn't read this comment precisely at 
first while. I don't use gmail services and haven't read the terms of 
use. But I could almost definitely assume this would violate. I didn't 
mean to sound suggestive, although my text would read so, but meant it 
is an existing practical option to the masses for a limited sub-gb 
storage. Be it porn or junk or real legitimate private/personal data, 
then illegitimately stored by unidentified parties.

I do prefer client-based email, and I keep wondering why http mail has 
not yet made it over the basic proprietary html limitation to become 
optionally downloadable and locally manageable by a standard client.

Do you think the internet may merit just a little more attention to 
regulatory issues at this time?

Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On another list this caused a (temporary?) account suspension due
> to violation of terms of use. Since gmail now offers you both
> POP3 and IMAP I suggest y'all use it, if you use for more than
> a sacrificial porn stash.
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