[ExI] books for the holidays

Tom Nowell nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 2 22:28:04 UTC 2007

The Greg Egan choices you made are excellent choices
for thinking about transhumanity and posthumanity.
 I would also recommend Ken McLeod's books "The
Cassini Division" and "the Stone Canal". The Cassini
Division is about a war between post-civilisation
humans without digital technology (their computers are
all micromechanical "babbages") and the posthumans
who've uploaded themselves and now live inside
Jupiter. Ken McLeod's other books (apart from the
"engines of light" trilogy) deal with a future vision
where civilisation breaks apart, leading to a sort of
post-civilised state. While not strictly transhuman,
it's thought-provoking about the future state of humanity.

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