[ExI] Petitioning the British Prime Minister

Tom Nowell nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 2 22:38:00 UTC 2007

Hi folks,
 I decided to try and embrace the new world of digital
democracy and set up an e-petition. In Britain, the
latest gimmick from our government is the "petition
the Prime minister" website, where if you can get a
couple of hundred british citizens or residents to
sign their name to an e-petition, you will get an
official response from a government spokesperson.
 As Britain has a sixty-year history of heavily
socialised medicine, and one of the big moral issues
facing transhumanism is around access to future
genetic technologies, I decided to grab the bull by
the horns and set up a petition demanding that
Britain's healthcare service provides equal access to
genetic treatments eg for parkinsons and for future
babies, when such technologies are proved safe.
 You can see the wording on the following link:


 Now, as you can see my current attempts to advertise
the petition have failed dismally. I've tried a couple
of general science forums, and no-one's paid any
attention. Can you think of good places for me to get
the message out to the good people of Britain? At
heart, even if all I get is the official government
response "the healthcare budget won't stretch that
far" or "we don't include details of technologies more
than five years in the future in government planning",
I'll be happy just to have the response.

Thanks for reading,

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