[ExI] xmas songs again

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Thu Dec 6 12:03:06 UTC 2007

> Hey its that time of year.  You knew the silliness would start any time now,
> ja?  Do let us be as happy as the circumstances allow.  We all have much for
> which to be thankful, even those of us who have very recently experienced
> personal tragedy, such as our own Dr. Graps (for which we all feel deepest
> sympathy).  We are alive, we are (I sincerely hope) healthy, we were born
> late enough in history to be doing what you are doing right now, and do
> ponder for just a moment the wonder of that activity.  We are not at
> immediate risk of violence or life threatening disease, unlike nearly all
> our ancestors since humans diverged from chimps.  Because of the analemma,
> after tomorrow the sunset will stop getting earlier and will start to swing
> later once more, so that we can begin to anticipate the coming glorious new
> life of spring and summer, full of new opportunities and fun times, recovery
> from this year's setbacks and progress towards the ever promising future.
> Onward!

Thanks spike! :)  And may this holiday season be gracious to you and yours as well. 
My home seems filled withthe smells of sweet baking and I find I'm humgry *all the
time* because of it! :)))  Putting on a little extra layer of fat against the cold
of winter...

Best regards to all.
ps. Didn't you mark out in stone in your back garden the analemma - especially for
Isaac to see when he's older?

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