[ExI] xmas songs again

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Dec 7 04:21:16 UTC 2007

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> > ...  Because of the analemma,
> > after tomorrow the sunset will stop getting earlier ... spike
> Best regards to all.
> MB
> ps. Didn't you mark out in stone in your back garden the analemma -
> especially for Isaac to see when he's older? MB

I did a few BOTECs before starting to mark the spots and realized the
projection would be far larger than I originally anticipated, especially
from top to bottom (over six meters).  This would cause it to run off the
end of the paved area and onto the integral wall.  I decided to wait on it
for now.  Isaac and I will project the analemma in the back yard when he
starts getting old enough to understand how profoundly cool is this simple
figure 8, and how it may have helped the ancients figure out the orbits of
the planets.  If one is running low on cool things to ponder, try to think
of ways the old timers could figure out orbit mechanics with these kinds of
measurements.  The old ones were smart.


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