[ExI] fermi paradox

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Fri Dec 7 16:06:30 UTC 2007

Kevin Freels Wrote:

> the paradox is due to a lack of any real information rather than do to
> facts that conflict.

That is just not true, the facts do conflict with the ET theory. It is a
fact that the universe does not appear to be engineered and it is also a
fact that even in the very unlikely event that it is imposable to send space
probes faster than we can right now a civilization could still send
Von Neumann probes to every star in the Galaxy in just 50 million years,
a blink of the eye in other words. And if that had happened you wouldn't
need sophisticated experiments to detect ET, a blind man in a fog bank
would know.

So either we are the first or mind always runs into some sort of
impenetrable wall if it tries to advance beyond a certain point.

  John K Clark

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