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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Sat Dec 8 11:22:10 UTC 2007

On Fri, Dec 07, 2007 at 04:22:47PM -0700, kevin at kevinfreels.com wrote:
>    You spent so much time trying to show off your brains that you forgot

Is that what you think I was trying to do?

>    to think. I didn't claim that the universe is engineered. I said that
>    there is no evidence showing that it hasn't been. They are not the

Do you understand how science works? Does negative proof ring a bell?

>    same. The evidence does not need to be some huge structure that is
>    obviously "built". Simply nudging some things around a few billion
>    years ago so that they arrive in the right spots a hundred billion
>    years from now would be quite enough and hardly noticeable to us.

If it't not observable, even in principle, we don't have to spend any thought on it.
There is an infinity of such things, and our resources are very finite.
>    Your responses are absurd. You do nothing to argue the point. You

Maybe you missed quite a few of them.

>    attack as if I am the enemy with name calling, and talk of unicorns,
>    starships, and girls with cups? I wonder what drugs you may be on. No

None, unfortunately.

>    one thinks of Douglas Adams as scripture. It's just humor. I don't
>    suppose you know what that is?

He is funny. Just not very funny.
>    Your enemy is not me - it's your own lack of knowledge. As long as you
>    prance around and think you know everything that is out there and
>    assume that advanced civilizations will fit the molds we place them
>    into, you will be confounded by the Fermi Bifurcation just as Zeno was
>    stuck on his dichotomies. You only allow two choices - we are all
>    there ever was, or the universe would be full. I'm sorry, but it's
>    just not that neat.

Any particular reason you top-posted this, without trimming citations?

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