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Tue Dec 11 00:02:06 UTC 2007

You quadrupleposted, btw.

On 10/12/2007, John <desertpaths2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> spike, i personally love "a christmas carol" because it is such a classic
> tale of moral redemption.

Moral..? I thought it was a horrible, immoral tale. It advocated blind
charity to the poor instead of Scrooge figuring out what he was doing madly
and making himself better. That's a crappy message. It's not moral at all.

 This story will be with us for ages to come.   "ebenezer, oh, great sysop
> ai, please grant my mind "family" more power for our primary functions!  And
> ebenezer replied, "are there no matter/energy reclamation plants to make a
> donation of yourself?" lol   I could kick myself for missing patrick
> stewart's one man play, which passed through alaska over a decade ago and
> may never return.  John grigg

I think I like Tom Lehrer's *Christmas Carol* better than Dickens':

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