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John desertpaths2003 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 00:50:04 UTC 2007

>You quadrupleposted, btw. 

  I know.  I have had it with my Yahoo account!  I think I will be switching to Google.
  On 10/12/2007, John <desertpaths2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:   spike, i personally love "a christmas carol" because it is such a classic tale of moral redemption.                 

  Seien wrote:
  Moral..? I thought it was a horrible, immoral tale. It advocated blind charity to the poor instead of Scrooge figuring out what he was doing madly and making himself better. That's a crappy message. It's not moral at all.  
  Please explain exactly what you mean by Scrooge figuring out what he was doing "madly?"  I don't understand.  How would you rewrite the story to make you happy with it? lol  I cannot grasp how you consider this classic story "horrible" and "immoral."  When Scrooge made a financial commitment at the end of the story to some charity workers does that make him foolish?  Perhaps, but it was in his moment of transformative elation!  I would suspect Scrooge later on looked very carefully at how his charity dollars were used.  Dickens was trying to make a statement about social injustice and poverty, which was a huge problem in the England of his time (and these problems are still overwhelmingly with us, if you havn't noticed...).          
  you wrote:
I think I like Tom Lehrer's Christmas Carol better than Dickens': http://members.aol.com/quentncree/lehrer/xmas.htm 
  The Tom Lehrer piece is very funny with some definite elements of truth.
  John Grigg : )

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