[ExI] fermi paradox

John desertpaths2003 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 00:02:31 UTC 2007

Keith wrote:
  I have been saying similar things for at least a decade.  If we are 
not the first (which the principle of mediocrity would support) then 
we face a dire future, or at least one where our dreams of reshaping 
galaxies isn't likely to happen.
  Ahh..., perhaps there is an "Elder God" race of die hard cosmic conservationists who lay in wait to pounce on us once we start trying to muck up their beautiful celestial view.  I hate how "old people/immortal alien sentients" are sometimes so damn conservative!  
  he continued:
If we are the first then we face a completely unknown future.
  Alright!..., then *we* get to be the high and mighty "Elder race," which guides along/bullies (for their own good, of course) all the other intelligences that come along later.

  John  : )

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