[ExI] The Appropriate Technology

citta437 at aol.com citta437 at aol.com
Tue Dec 11 14:46:40 UTC 2007

Spike wrote:
"> The idea I take away is that without the appropriate technology, 
> alone is of little value.  The poorest among us would surely be 
> to
> give up their modern destitution in exchange for being the richest 
> on
> the planet a mere thousand years ago.  What say ye, highly 
intelligent but
> capital challenged friends?  Any takers?"

The appropriate technology, if I may call it that, is lacking in the 
form of proper education with emphasis on science starting in the 
elementary level onward with a equal emphasis on the arts and 
humanities. In third developing countries or some first developing ones 
there is little or nothing in the form of proper education balancing 
religious education as in the form of arts/ philosophy with scientific 
subjects or applied sciences to become a well rounded human being/a 
well rounded education.

The issue with morality as an ideal/utopian dream cannot be resolved 
with irrationality. Morality cannot be legislated or genetically 
programmed but a rational education is just a tip of the iceberg so to 

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