[ExI] Become a Betterhumans intern

George Dvorsky george at betterhumans.com
Wed Dec 12 02:31:34 UTC 2007

Ready to make your mark on the future and create a name for yourself
in the transhumanist community? Looking to branch out and network with
key movers and shakers? Love to dive head-first into a little bit of
controversy every now and then?

Here at Betterhumans we're running into the future with scissors. And
we're looking for some incisive people with a pair of their own to
join us. In the midst of a major rethink and redesign, we're aiming to
relaunch in early January with sexy new features, a kick-ass new look
and content that turns heads—and makes them shake.

And that's where you come in. We have grand visions, and need some
help to realize them. Smart and ambitious? Then we're looking for you
to assist with the site's operation, including through highly visible
research and writing. (If you've got a background in journalism, all
the better.) As an intern, you need to be conscientious, enthusiastic
and reliable. Oh, and a bit twisted. The future, after all, is going
to be very, very weird—and, if we can help it, damn interesting.

Unfortunately, we can't currently pay cash for your work. But we can
compensate with an exciting ride, some moderate fame, and the sheer
thrill of working on something that makes your more conservative
friends angrily intrigued. Not to mention, it could look really cool
on your resume some day—particularly if you're applying for that job
with the molecular nanotech antiaging company you've had your eye on.

So, ready to live at your edge and help build the web's number one
portal into the future? Make it happen now. Email your resume or
profile (including writing samples if applicable) to
george at betterhumans.com. And if you're really interested, please don't
hesitate, as there are a limited number of positions available.

Looking forward to our future together,
George Dvorsky
Editor-in-Chief, Betterhumans
george at betterhumans.com

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