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Wed Dec 12 04:29:43 UTC 2007

Keith wrote:
"Is a sense of morality and moral behavior a widespread psychological
trait in human populations?

My reply: NO, a child has no sense of morality or moral behavior.

Keith: If you answer yes (and it is hard to imagine any other answer) 
this psychological trait was either directly selected (keeping in
mind inclusive fitness) or is it a side effect of something else that
was selected.

My reply: Morality is a sign of matured development in human society. 
Some society where the members manifests immature behavior or 
dependence on metaphysical beliefs cannot see reason from fantasy.

Can you make a case for morality being genetic?  (I can from
dogs.)  Can you imagine a reasonable origin for the trait(s) in stone
age populations?

Dogs are trained to be obedient. Human brains are more complex than a 
dog's brain. The thought/belief of a morality gene is a mere 
thought/assumption propagated by those with an agenda for whatever 
benefit they desire for their ownselves like the stone age people who 
saw what they want to see i.e. the gods for rain, fertility etc.

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