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Interesting. Where on one hand evolutionary psychology-inspired
morality consists of set of genetically inbuilt reinforcers, one can
also make a point of morality based on uncritically accepted memes. It
for example shows how switching to rationality simplifies morality.

On Dec 12, 2007 7:29 AM,  <citta437 at aol.com> wrote:
> Keith wrote:
> "Is a sense of morality and moral behavior a widespread psychological
> trait in human populations?
> My reply: NO, a child has no sense of morality or moral behavior.
> Keith: If you answer yes (and it is hard to imagine any other answer)
> then
> this psychological trait was either directly selected (keeping in
> mind inclusive fitness) or is it a side effect of something else that
> was selected.
> My reply: Morality is a sign of matured development in human society.
> Some society where the members manifests immature behavior or
> dependence on metaphysical beliefs cannot see reason from fantasy.
> Can you make a case for morality being genetic?  (I can from
> dogs.)  Can you imagine a reasonable origin for the trait(s) in stone
> age populations?
> Dogs are trained to be obedient. Human brains are more complex than a
> dog's brain. The thought/belief of a morality gene is a mere
> thought/assumption propagated by those with an agenda for whatever
> benefit they desire for their ownselves like the stone age people who
> saw what they want to see i.e. the gods for rain, fertility etc.
> Terry
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