[ExI] Morality is tied with Meta beliefs

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Thu Dec 13 22:30:50 UTC 2007

Me: "children are too young to understand adults' obssessions about
> sex and morality." This is not a belief but a statement of fact 
supported by evidence resulting from socio-pscyhological 

Seine: I think you must be using a meaningless mystical version of 
morality here?
Morality is widely available to humans because morality is reason. It's
living well, it's making rational decisions.

Me: In the contrary morality is not supported by reason/rationality. It 
arise from fear of the unknown-what may happen if the code or rules of 
conduct is broken. Fear of punishment/suffering or hope for a reward as 
a reason to live well according to rules. Fear obstructs 
reason/rationality to see reality as it is. Seeing the nature of 
reality without evidence or proof but merely based on metaphysical 
beliefs is imagination/fantasy.

  Seine: "Sex, on the other hand, is all tied up with the romance 
memeplex and so  is
generally pretty irrational, or at least associated almost entirely with
irrational concepts."

Me: You limit your concepts of sex with romantic ideal. Biologically it 
is a natural process arising from hormonal interactions in the brain. 
Even romantic imagination arising from the brain is a result of some 
chemical reactions working in the amygdala to produce a pleasurable 
sensation in other words a mental masturbation.

"It seems hardly fair to lump the two together."

What you see as fair or unfair is just a projection of your 

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