[ExI] Morality Meme vs.Rationality

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On Dec 15, 2007 12:05 PM, ben <benboc at lineone.net> wrote:

> "Stefan Pernar" wrote:
> > I do not see a difference in morality and rationality. My arguments are
> > summed up in a paper ...
> You aren't going to get people to take your ideas seriously while you make
> howlers like: "Evolution is the gradual accumulation of complexity".
> Seeing that right at the beginning greatly discouraged me from bothering
> to read the rest.

Hi Ben, not sure how to interprete your critique. I am probably wrong to
assume that you reject evolution in favor of intelligent design. Can you
elaborate in a bit more depth please? With that senetnce I wanted to
emphazise the gradual nature of evolution:

"Complexity cannot spring up in a single stroke-of chance: that would be
like hitting upon the combination number that opens a bank vault. But a
whole series of tiny chance steps, if non-randomly selected, can build up
almost limitless complexity of adaptation. It is as though the vault's door
were to open another chink every time the number on the dials moved a little
closer to the winning number. Gradualness is of the essence. In the context
of the fight against creationism, gradualism is more or less synonymous with
evolution itself. If you throw out gradualness you throw out the very thing
that makes evolution more plausible than creation."

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