[ExI] Morality Meme vs.Rationality

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On Dec 14, 2007 5:03 PM, hkhenson <hkhenson at rogers.com> wrote:

> At 10:14 PM 12/13/2007, Stefan wrote:

> "One could then form the hypothesis that that is good what increases
> fitness[18] or
> put another way that that is good what increases a unit of
> information's ability to ensure
> its continued existence."
> I notice that you cite Hamilton, but don't give the formula,     C < R x B

Yes - the Hamilton-Price equations on the genetic evolution of altruism. I
will see if I can include that reference in my paper. I was aware of it but
it did not come to mind in my thinking on the matter. One reason is that the
statement "that is good what increases fitenss" extends to so much more than
just reciprical altruism between potentially related individuals.

I say that because it extends beyond genetics and applies to the realm of
memetics as well.

> snip
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inclusive_fitness
> This is where rational for the individual and rational for the gene
> part company.
> I make the case that this ability to identify with unrelated others
> (say in an army unit) is because we evolved in bands where the
> average relatedness was high enough that taking a big chance of dying
> to defend the band was cost effective from the gene's viewpoint.

Totally. What I claim is that this irrational behavior is induced by
charismatic individuals able to manipulating others.

>  From the individual's viewpoint, it's not rational to die to save
> others.  From the gene's viewpoint it is, if they are relatives and
> the number you save in dying times the relatedness is more than
> one.  This makes the case that brain mechanisms built by genes will,
> under particular circumstances, induce people to think and act
> irrationally.

Now consider how much it increases the fitnes of that charismatic individual
capable to rallying the troops for his own gain or the increase of fitness
of a group that shares a mutually beneficial moral code (Christianity)...

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