[ExI] Morality Meme/Selfish Gene

citta437 at aol.com citta437 at aol.com
Sun Dec 16 13:20:12 UTC 2007

"It sounds pretty damn important to me. It means the difference between
making a bad decision and a good one. I can only presume by your
eschewing of morality, and the notion that morality might be important, 
that you don' want it."

What's to want? We are all energy in different forms such as 
thoughts/memes, feelings/emotions and consciousness. Who was it who 
said that humans feel significant not knowing they are mere specks of 
dust in the whole scheme of things/kinetic energy always in motion or 
something to that effect.

The sense of self preservation is neither moral nor immoral. Its just 
energy's vibe in microscale expanding to macroscale proportions as 
ignorance of ignorance for lack of a better term.

What I don't want are the effects of ignorance, feelings of aversion or 
attachments to theories of realities with no direct connection to 
My point is how can the mind get directly connected to reality? In 
dementia, a degenerating disease of the brain, consciousness diminish 
gradually which we see as an end to being alive. Philosophers 
rationalize the human condition time and time again not knowing we are 
time itself. How to realize we are energies involve in endless 


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