[ExI] Why is xmas 'the holiday season' in America??

Kevin Freels kevin at kevinfreels.com
Sun Dec 16 17:31:51 UTC 2007

One other note. In the US the word "holiday" usually describes a 
commemorative event or person such as Independence day, mother's day, 
labor day, etc. When we take a week or two off of work to relax, it's 
referred to as a vacation.

ben wrote:
> Can someone tell me why Americans refer to christmas as the 'holiday 
> season'?
> The first time i met this it confused me, and i wondered if i'd somehow 
> lost 6 months. The season in which people take their holidays is usually 
> summer. Xmas is the time you stay at home and get stressed (unless you 
> abdicate from the whole thing, which can be difficult to do, but is 
> worth it).
> So do most Americans take their holidays around xmas instead of the 
> summer, or what?
> Otherwise it seems daft. I mean, what do they call the time of year when 
> they actually go on holiday? (or is there no particular favoured time of 
> year for this in America?).
> Can somebody clear this up for me? Everytime i hear the phrase, i keep 
> thinking "No, it's not! it's xmas!", because to me, the 'holiday season' 
> is July-August.
> ben zed
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